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It only takes one incidence of infestation damage for most installers be convinced that they need our product.

Why Direct Supplier Professionals Choose Us

Spiffy Solar was started in 2011 when a solution was needed for an emerging problem – solar panel pest control. Critters were making solar panel installations their permanent home at the cost of ruining thousands of dollars worth of equipment and power generation.

Being a designer, our founder quickly adapted his skills to design a mesh covering for his own panels that would solve this dilemma with high efficiency, be wildlife safe, and remain an aesthetically pleasing solar panel pest deterrent.

As a renewable energy advocate since 1976, our founder is an expert in the solar panel industry, extending his knowledge to solution management tailored for localized concerns. From Denver to Long Island and out to Phoenix and Las Vegas, this pest-control problem is being solved by Spiffy Solar’s Solar Panel Pest/Critter Abatement System including mesh/screen and clips.

Learn more about this system on our Installations and Specifications page.

With years of established authority in the field and trust built with experts in the industry, Spiffy Solar has quickly grown across the country to become the preferred option for pest control protection products. Our system is preferred by Solar Installers, Solar Panel Operations and Maintenance Contractors, Solar Pest Abatement Specialists, and Pest Control Professionals.

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If your service area has a history of pigeon, squirrel, roof rat or other infestation, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s not just the PV wire and solar arrays that are in danger, we have seen the rubber boot on flashings completely removed.

It only takes one incidence of infestation damage for most installers to be convinced that they need our product. Keeping them out before the damage is done to save you unwanted service calls from upset customers.

Many installers have decided that bird proofing installation of screening or wire mesh on all their PV systems and roof installations is worth the effort. Some have even turned it into a profit center or competitive edge against the competition. Don’t wait for your first loss or bad referral before taking action. Protect your customer’s residential solar investment – and your reputation – by offering them preventing the problem with our solution.