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It only takes one incidence of infestation damage for most installers be convinced that they need our product.

Spiffy Solar was started as a direct response to pigeon infestation, in what appears to be the epicenter of the problem, Denver, Colorado. In one neighborhood, replete with both PV and pigeons, the company founder observed numerous attempts at a solution by multiple installers (and a few homeowners). Some good, but most, not so good. Seeing this need, he decided this was a niche in need of a product.

If your service area has a history of pigeon, squirrel, roof rat or other infestation, it's better to be safe than sorry. It's not just the wires that are in danger, we have seen the rubber boot on flashings completely removed by raccoons. In fact, we've seen pigeons move in within days of an install completion. And keeping them out is much easier than getting rid of them once they move in. Many installers have decided that installation of screening or skirting on all their systems is worth the effort. Some have even turned it into a profit center or competitive edge against the competition. Don't wait for your first loss or bad referral before taking action.