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The Installer's Preferred Pest Deterrent

Solar panels offer a cleaner, more efficient way to meet energy needs. However, outdoor pests, like pigeons and squirrels, tend to wreak havoc on solar systems, which could wind up costing installers and homeowners more time and money in the future. 

Many animals like to use solar panels for shelter, but end up causing irreparable damage. These pigeons, squirrels, and other rooftop animals can easily destroy newly installed solar panel systems within a matter of days. 

Don’t wait to get one of those repair calls! Spiffy Solar offers a great solution to protect home solar panels! Our line of solar panel protectors acts like an animal deterrent to safeguard client’s solar investments and get rid of rodents and birds from solar panel installations. 

Spread across the country where unique conditions produce the same problem, our primary audience/customers are B2B direct suppliers of the industry. 

Quick & Easy Process, Installers Preferred Pest Abatement System

Affordable and easy to install, Spiffy Solar wire screen meshwork great as solar panel pigeon deterrent kits, preventing the birds from nesting underneath the panels and deterring squirrels from picking at the wires. These long-lasting, durable, non-corrosive mesh guards are also ideal for keeping out these and other animals like roof rats that are attracted to nesting birds.

See our Installations and Specifications page for a step-by-step process and our FAQ’s for more information on why this problem needs a preventative solution. 

When it comes to critter deterrents for home solar panels installations, Spiffy Solar is your No. 1 solution!