Spiffy Clip All Metal Attachment Hardware-Box of 100
Spiffy Clip, Solar Screen Retention Hardware

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Solar Panel Clips

An integral piece of solar panel hardware, our Spiffy Clips™ are used to attach our PVC-coated, galvanized steel screen to your system in just a couple of easy steps. Featuring an innovative design, our solar panel clips help to not only deter pests but also withstand a wide range of climates and weather conditions, keeping panels protected at all costs.

Each wire mesh clip is comprised of a unidirectional aluminum washer that slides and locks into place, securing the screen to the module edge. After locking the clip in place, cut any excess wire for a seamless fit. Every washer has also been coated with a proprietary paint that resists fading from UV exposure, so these clips will stay looking just as good as your system.

Recommended for use with ½-inch mesh screens, our Spiffy Clips™ attaches easily with common linesman pliers and comes in black to match the PVC-coated steel screen. Our pest screen hardware clips are made from aluminum to ensure years of corrosion-free sustainability.

Solar Panel Mesh Clips Product Features

Spiffy Clip All Metal Attachment Hardware-Box of 100

When used with our Spiffy Clip system, you’ll still need to overlap the panel edge and include a small fold at the bottom edge. Little folding or cutting is required and the clips attach with nothing more than a pair of linesman pliers. Approximately 50 – 75 clips are required per 100 linear feet of coverage, depending on the system configuration, and other variables.

Solar panel protection clips from Spiffy Solar are an integral part of our two-piece solar installation protectors. The innovative design makes it easy to install, yet durable enough to last in a wide variety of environments. Together with the screen, the wire mesh clips have been proven to deter a number of rodents that can cause significant damage to solar panel installations. Buy here.

Spiffy Clips FAQ’s

How many solar panel clips will I need?

To calculate the number of clips, simply multiply the linear perimeter measure of the entire system by .75, this gives you a number equal to one clip every foot and one half.

If I need just 75 clips for an install why does the kit include 100 clips?

Having to put a job on hold and come back, because you’ve run out of supplies isn’t any fun. So, we include more than what you’ll probably need in order to prevent you from running short.

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